FutureRoom is a virtual classroom solution, which gives an immersive visual interactive experience & transforms the learning that enhances teachers’ awareness of student & class engagement with real time analytics including facial recognition. It offers solutions from 4 to 125 screens, configured into HD video with audio systems to host interactive sessions that allows instructors to engage with remote delegates all over the world.


An Immersive Virtual Classroom to SP Jain’s ELO Room

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We have provided an ideal immersive virtual classroom- FutureRoom, to SP Jain School of Global Management that enabled them to break all the concepts of traditional classroom and made them provide an excellent teaching & learning platform through an online/real-time visual interactive platform. SP Jain School of Global Management is a pioneering business school that provides practical global business education with campuses in Sydney, Mumbai and Singapore. The FutureRoom for SPJ helped to manage their classes virtually so that students can participate in classes from anywhere in the world. Futureroom enables the teachers and students of SP Jain School of Global Management to interact and collaborate from any part of the world by simply logging in through our platform and enjoy all the benefits of an on-campus education.

Why FutureRoom

Transform e-Learning

The FutureRoom brings the full-dive visual experience and revolutionize the teaching scenario of your institution to an advanced level.

High Level of

FutureRoom provides high level of interaction without geographical concerns and helps in expanding student knowledge base from anywhere anytime.


FutureRoom provides more than just education. Upgrade your institution with FutureRoom and provide world-class learning experience.

Explore FutureRoom

Transform the digital learning
experience with FutureRoom

FutureRoom offer up to 125 screens within a high definition video wall, camera, lighting and audio systems all operated by FutureRoom software. Provide high quality video to host interactive sessions to allow your presenter to engage with students all over the world, with minimal latency. Play 360 degree videos, generate augmented or virtual reality experiences, run 2D or 3D simulations, and display big data visualizations—all with seamless connectivity to ensure a rich media content experience. FutureRoom provides AI based data analytics after each session which includes emotion recognition & student performance.

FutureRoom Aspects

High Defenition AV

Offer high definition AV conference to host interactive sessions and engage students without interruption.

Based Analytics

Enhances lecturers’ awareness of student & class engagement with real time analytics, including facial analytics, participation, and course engagement.

Content Sharing

Create, edit & share multimedia files with ease to increase student engagement and enhance knowledge sharing.


Facilitate better understanding of lecture and to improve student interaction & engagement through language translation.


Create n number of groups & sub groups to discuss and to encourage student interaction.

Polls and

Create and publish interactive questionnaires and view answers in real time.